His Peace Upon Us

My good friend, Dustin S____, recently started a blog called, His Peace Upon Us.  Here is the description of his blog in his own words:

I am a Christian follower of Jesus who loves the people of the Middle East. The basic premise of this blog is that we cannot love those we do not know. So I am hopeful that this blog is one way Muslims and Christians get to know each other.

Dustin calls himself a cross-cultural peace-maker.  I call him friend.   He is a man of God whom I deeply respect.  He is one of the most passionate guys I know.  His heart for Muslims and the Middle East challenges me as does his love for the church.  My wife and I have known Dustin and Kellie for a number of years.  They are dear friends of ours.  We are always encouraged and refreshed in our faith whenever we see them.

I invite you to take a look at his blog and learn more about how we can extend "His Peace" to all peoples of the world.