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How Dads Can Connect with their Daughters

I've been slowly making my way through Dr. Dobson's book, Bringing Up Girls.  In his chapter on why daddies matter, he offers a few ideas for dads about forging meaningful connections with their daughters.  As a father of 2 young girls, it was a good reminder for me. 1. Conversation

Talk to them about what is of interest.  Ask questions and then listen carefully to what is said...meaningful and affectionate dialogue with a daughter is evidence that she is worthy, secure and loved.

2. Touch

Just like thier mothers, our daughters need to be hugged regularly, perhaps every day.  Hugging is easy to do when girls are young and they see their daddies as champions and best buddies.

3. One-on-One Time

[One-on-One Time] is an excellent way to knock down barriers and build bridges.  Take your daughter somewhere she will like, such as out to breakfast or dinner.  It doesn't have to be a big deal.  Just make it a quiet time together when the two of you can sit and talk.

These ideas seem so simple and intuitive, but us dads need to be reminded to do it!  I like how Dobson concludes this section:

Never forget that girls are made out of the same stuff their mothers are.

How true.  Being a good daddy to my girls starts with being a good husband to my wife!