How do you daily disciple your kids?

I think about this question a lot as a family pastor and father of three young kids.  My answer is pretty simple.  Every night before bedtime, I try to gather my kids together and read from a quality Bible storybook or the Bible itself.  I try to ask age-appropriate questions at the end, and then we pray together.  That's it.  Sometimes I'll get out my guitar and we'll sing a few songs.  Other times I'll let my kids draw what they hear from the story and we'll talk about it. This doesn't take a long time, but I'm convinced that over time (by the grace of God) it is perhaps the most important thing I can do to disciple (or spiritually invest into) my kids.  One other thing I'll add ... I'm slowly learning that I do my best parenting on my knees in prayer.  Take a look at this post to learn a simple way to pray for your kids daily.