How do you manage your busy family life?

Zach Nielsen gives some good advice on being a parent in a busy world and what he's done to manage his family.  These are just the main points.  Read the whole thing as he fleshes out these points.  Very helpful! 1.  I have a rockstar, off the chart, amazing wife ... 2. We don’t watch much T.V. 3. We are very intentional about doing things WITH the kids 4. We have “special dates” with the kids individually 5. Try to lay a great foundation with the older kids as it helps the younger ones in the long run 6. As our kids get older, I’m sure we’ll limit their activities 7. In the end, I think you just sort of get used to the chaos 8. Function not as reactionaries to the schedule, but rather implement structure so that our priorities can be realized 9. Hold on, pray, and know this time will be gone soon, so cherish every moment