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How I'm Simplifying Family Devotions

This summer I've decided to simplify our family devotions.  I really want my kids to see more of Jesus in the pages of Scripture so we're reading through the book of Mark.  I'll read a section at a time stopping along the way to explain and ask them questions.  As I'm reading, my kids are drawing a picture of what they hear.  For example, last night I read from Mark 10:13-16 about the little children coming to Jesus.  It was a great opportunity to see the Savior's love and explain to my kids what it means to "receive the kingdom like a child."  My oldest daughter was intrigued with the disciples' negative response to all this.  I think her comment was, "It sure seems like the disciples weren't very much like Jesus sometimes."  And of course that led into another great teaching opportunity. 

The cool thing is that my kids really look forward to this time as they love showing me their pictures at the end and explaining to me what they've drawn.  I hope this simple way of doing devotions will stick with them as they hear the story, draw the story, talk about the story, and then pray together as a family.  In the past we've done something similar using Magna Doodles.  Read more here ...