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How Singing Helps Life Together

Guest post by: Eric Schumacher At Reformed Praise, David Ward is half-way through a series of posts on "What the Bible Has to Say About Singing" from Colossians 3:16.

In his third post, David highlights the fact that "Singing is a COMMUNITY Activity." He writes:

As we sing to one another, encouraging our brothers and sisters in Christ with the precious truths of Godā€™s works and ways, we bring glory to God. He has designed singing as a wonderful way for those who are strong in the gospel to encourage those who are weak as they give witness with their lips and body to the reality and power of what they are singing about. Even as a song leader, I have had many mornings where I was inwardly struggling to believe and appropriate the gospel. God often uses the sound and the posture of the congregation to help get my attention off of myself and my individual spiritual walk and be encouraged at His work amongst our entire congregation.

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