How to Breed Spiritual Apathy in Your Kids

This is a stirring post for parents who wonder why their kids are apathetic about the Church.  No doubt there are many reasons why young people are leaving the Church, but I think Scott Linscott is right on when he says, "When I look for someone to blame I head into the restroom and look into a mirror. Yupp, there he is. I blame him. That parent looking back at me is where I have to start." Here are his 5 Keys to Making Your Kids Apathetic About Faith:

  1. Put academic pursuits above faith-building activities.
  2. Chase the gold ball first and foremost.
  3. Teach your kid that the dollar is almighty.
  4. Refuse to acknowledge that the primary motivating force in kids’ lives is relationship.
  5. Model apathy in your own life.

I encourage you to check out how he fleshes out each one of these here.

(HT: Pete Scribner)