I Want to be a Children's Pastor When I Grow Up

As a pastor for children and families, sometimes it's hard to see if you're really making a difference.  But once in awhile God gives you a little glimpse. On Tuesday I met with an 8 year old boy in my office.  He had been eager to set up a time to talk with me.  I always enjoy talking with kids and their parents and leaving them with a prayer and a piece of candy from Pastor Doug.  But little did I know that on this particular day, I would be the one who was handed the greater gift.

After a few minutes, his mom finally coaxed him to say what he had come to talk to me about.  So sitting there with a big smile on his face, this little boy looked right at me and said, "I want to be a Children's Pastor when I grow up!"  I smiled big.  In fact, I'm sure it was bigger than the smile on his face.  Then I asked him WHY he wanted to be a Children's Pastor.  And his simple answer was basically this: "I love God.  I like kids.  And I want to teach them."  Cool.  How great is that, huh?!  Needless to say I was happy.  But thankfully God showed me this was also a golden opportunity. 

Instead of thinking so much about his future dreams (sounds funny to say it that way!) that obviously could change, I'm focusing on the present.  So, with his mom and dad's blessing, we've decided to set up a discipleship time twice a month to get together and talk about how to grow in our understanding of the gospel.  I look forward to these conversations and the HOMEwork assignments that follow.  And I thank God for this little glimpse of the gospel at work in children.