Jesus is the Answer to All Our Fears

Dave Door: Our top 5 greatest fears (adapted from Marcus Buckingham):

  1. The Fear of Death — we have a need for security
  2. The Fear of Being Alone — we have a need for community
  3. The Fear of the Future — we have a need for clarity
  4. The Fear of Chaos — we have a need for authority
  5. The Fear of Insignificance —  we have a need for respect

If we examine those five fears with the eyes of faith, we can see Jesus is the answer to them all:

  1. He is our security, even in death, because Jesus took away condemnation in death.
  2. He is our community — he promises never to leave us or forsake us (Hebrews 13:5)
  3. He is our future — he controls the future and has prepared a place for us
  4. He is our authority — all authority on heaven and earth is his (Matthew 28:18). He is accomplishing all things according to his plan.
  5. He is our significance — Jesus alone validates and justifies our life.

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