Just One Book

images811.jpgIf you're a parent, you know that children love books.  From an early age children love to listen to stories and be read to.  Each night, after our girls get their jammies on and teeth brushed, we give them their own "story time."  This story time is where they gather up a few books from their "book nook" (their closet full of books!) and sit on their beds to "read" before we read the Bible to them and pray.   One night as they finished up their story time and we read to them from the Bible, I could see that Emie had a ton of books on her bed.  I told her that she needed to choose just one book on her bed and I'd be back in a few minutes to tuck her and Lily in for the night.  When I returned, I gave them each a kiss and a blessing and then went to shut off the light.  But before I closed the door I caught a glimpse of the one book that Emie chose to have with her in bed.  To my surprise, it was her Bible.  As I shut the bedroom door I smiled and thanked God for the One Book that's already special to Emie.