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Just Talk to People

Drew Dixon gives four suggestions on making the most of our Sunday morning gatherings. I resonated with this one, in particular:

Talk to people -- it's difficult to “stir each other up” when we are mere spectators at church and are not utilizing this time to build relationships. Some of my very best friends are members of our church, but sometimes I have to make a point not to spend all my time talking to them at church. At church, I want to make a point to talk to people who I do not know as well. Those who I am very close to will still be my friend if I don’t spend all my time at church talking to them and there are many wonderful, mutually encouraging relationships that can be built in our church if we will just step out of our comfort zone and talk to the people we don’t know as well. Our church is small but just big enough for folks to fall in the cracks and miss out on mutually encouraging relationships. Be intentional in your communication with people when we gather for corporate worship. Instead of blaming others for their lack of interaction with you—why not seek them out. You will only get out of church what you are willing to put into it.