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Justin Taylor Teaching at My Church

IMG_1185It was a privilege to have my friend, Justin Taylor, come to preach at my church and speak at our Pastor's Conference this week.  We had a good time hanging out and encouraging one another in the gospel.  One of the things I appreciate most about Justin is that he makes you feel bigger in his presence ... which is hard to do since he's a pretty big guy!  But Justin genuinely thinks of others as better than himself.  It's evident in the way he lives and the way he blogs, always pointing to others and deflecting attention away from himself even though he's a gifted writer and thinker himself.  Here's the two messages he preached at our church.  Justin did a great job teaching on the familiar parable in Luke 15 comparing and contrasting the two lost sons and bringing out good gospel application.  And his message on adoption (spirtual and physical) was very helpful, providing a needed challenge for the church.