Keller on Meditation and Contemplation

Meditation - "working out the truth personally" The closest analogy to meditating on the truth is the way a person eagerly reads a love letter. You tear it open and you weigh every word. You never simply say, "I know that" but "what does this mean? What did he or she really mean by that?" You aren't reading it quickly just for information – you want to know what lies deep in the clauses and phrases. And more important, you want the letter to sink in and form you.

Contemplation - "gazing at God through this truth."  It is to pose and answer questions such as these:

  • what does this tell me about God; what does it reveal about him?
  • how can I praise him for and through this?
  • how can I humble myself before him for and through this?
  • what difference does this particular truth make to how I live today?
  • what wrong behavior, harmful emotions result in me when I forget he is like this?
  • how would my neighborhood, family, church, be different if they saw it deeply?
  • does my life demonstrate that I am remembering and acting out of this?
  • Lord, what are you trying to tell me about you through this?