Kid Nation

[youtube=] Have you heard about Kid Nation, the new "kiddie survivor show" on CBS?  The show debuted last night.  Its premise is this:

Liberated from helicopter parents and teachers, 40 children—a 21st-century multicultural bunch aged 8 to 15—will work together for 40 days under the guidance of four young leaders, who divide them into groups. Their goal is to rebuild a ghost town, Bonanza City, destroyed by their elders' lack of "leadership, resources, and will." As one cute shaggy-locked boy of 14 proclaims in a moment featured on the promo, they are there to "prove that kids of all age groups can actually get stuff organized and actually create a society where people actually share without greed."

Can kids succeed where adults have failed?  Can they build a better society?  I don't think so!  But tune in to find out.  And share your thoughts with me.