Learning from the Leper who Returned

jesus_and_the_leper1.jpgAs we approach Thanksgiving, the Lord reminded me of a familiar story -- The Story of the Ten Lepers.  Though I've read this story many times, this time something very specific caught my attention.

As you know the story begins with Jesus on his way to Jerusalem, where he would eventually die on the cross.  On his way he passes by ten lepers who call out to him with a loud voice saying, "Jesus, have mercy on us!"

Though I have no idea what it would be like to have leprosy, I do know (to some extent) what it's like to cry out to Jesus with a loud voice.  It's not hard for me to cry out to him for mercy and help in times of need.

But it is difficult for me to do what the one leper did when he saw that he was healed.  Do you remember what he did?  Just as he had called out to Jesus with a loud voice for mercy, he called out to Jesus with a loud voice to praise Him in thanksgiving.

We can learn a lot from the leper who returned.  We can learn that when God answers our loud cries for mercy, we should immediately respond with a loud cry of praise!  Most often, if we fail to give Him thanks immediately we will fail to give Him thanks period. 

May we learn from the leper who returned by returning to Jesus with a loud voice of praise this Thankgiving, for we have been healed from something greater than leprosy.