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Let the Word Get into You this New Year

With the New Year upon us, many of us have a desire to "get into the Word."  I'm with you.  There are many good reading plans to help guide you in this pursuit.  But this year I'm coming at it from a little different angle.  This year, I'm leading my church through the Gospel of Mark.  My goal is for us to meet Jesus and to know him personally and deeply.  To be "apprenticed by Jesus" as Zach Eswine says.  For that to happen, I'm seeking to slow down and soak up the book of Mark.  Instead of getting into the Word, I'm wanting to let the Word get into me. If you'd like to join me (especially if you're a member of Oak Hill), try this approach to reading the Bible this year.  Try reading through the Book of Mark on your own.  Go at your own pace.  When you're finished, do it again.  And keep a journal.  Meditate on what you read.  Talk about what you read with others.  In addition, if you are a member of Oak Hill, take the sermon note sheet with outline and discussion questions each week and walk through it with your spouse or a couple of good friends.  Get into the Word ... and let the Word get into you this year.