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letting go of my kingdom ... taking hold of his

From the moment I wake up in the morning I can't help but think about me.  It's my needs.  It's my wants.  It's my schedule.  It's all about me.  Anxiety creeps in and takes hold of me as I try to take hold of my life.  Consequently, I miss out on opportunites to make a difference in the lives of others around me because I'm busy building my kingdom instead of God's.  Can you relate?


In the second chapter of Crazy Love, Chan reminded me that life is not about me.  The point of my life, he says, is to point people to God.  And because my life is so short I need to stop living for myself and start living for others.  I need to let go of my kingdom and take hold of his.  After all, you and I live in the realm of the unknown.  We don't know the future.  So we must let go of our need for control and put ourselves in situations where God has got to come through.  That kind of trust actually frees us from ourselves and enables us to take risks for the kingdom of God.  

We have one life.  Let's not waste it.  We have this day.  Let's not spend it on ourselves.  We have this moment.  Let's spend it on behalf of others ... until our time is up.

Discussion Questions

1.  Can you relate to how easy it is to live for your kingdom instead of God's kingdom?

2.  Practically, how do you not waste your life ... your day ... this moment?

3.  Are you taking a risk right now, stepping out in faith, and trusting God for something specific?  

Watch the music video below of LeCrae's single, Don't Waste Your Life, from his album, Rebel

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