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Look to the Ants

Russ Moore reports:

According to the International Herald Tribune, Princeton University mathematical biologist Iain Couzin is constructing a computer model to detail how army ants are able to move from colony to colony without "a mad, disorganized scramble." Couzin expresses awe that these tiny, relatively simple, organisms can build intricate highways and food-delivery systems without ever experiencing gridlock. Humans can learn a thing or two here, he suggests.

Of course, it doesn't take a Princeton biologist to discover this truth.  Proverbs 6:5 says, "Go to the ant, O sluggard; consider her ways and be wise."  With this in mind, Moore comments on the state of our churches and how we would do well to take a lesson from the ants on how they work hard together to achieve their intended goals:

I wonder how often our ineffectiveness at our mission as congregations has less to do with a commitment to "excellence," and more to do with a refusal to see ourselves first ecclesially and only second personally. Perhaps our churches are so immature precisely because we see ourselves first in terms of our personal ambitions, our personal careers, our personal lives ... I wonder if we really get that we are all individually tiny components of a vast, multinational organism, one that spans the globe and the centuries?

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