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Love Begins With Looking at People

A few days ago I had a little discussion with my oldest daughter about being a good listener.  I told her that listening must start with LOOKING right at me.  That's when I know I have your attention.  That's when I know you care.  Sadly, I'm not always the best example.  Sometimes I come home from work and Jaime starts talking to me and I've got my nose in the paper saying something like, "Uh-huh, that's great, Jaime."  When I do this, Jaime gets irritated because I've made the paper more important than she is.  But Jesus was different.  He looked at people.  Paul Miller, from his lesser-known book, Love Walked Among Us, says:

As I studied how Jesus loved, I was surprised by the number of times that Jesus looked at people.  Altogether the Gospels mention Jesus looking at people about forty times.  I was particularly struck by how often his compassion for people was preceded by his looking (see Mat. 9:6, Mark 10:21, John 19:26-27).

So how do we become more like Jesus?  Ironically, Miller continues,

If we know we are loved -- that someone is looking at us -- then we can give love; then we can look at others.