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Made to Stick

8027bookbig1.gifHave you ever wondered why some ideas survive while others die?  Have you ever thought about why some ideas seem to stick while others slip away?  Recently, I've been reading the book, Made to Stick, by Chip Heath and Dan Heath.  In it the authors teach six key qualities of an idea that is made to stick.  I've found them to be very helpful as a teacher and communicator.  Interestingly enough, many of these principles can be traced back to the Master Teacher Himself as Jesus was able to communicate simply and concretely using stories and illustrations.
  • Simplicity -- stripping an idea down to its core
  • Unexpectedness -- capturing people's attention and holding it
  • Concreteness -- getting people to understand your idea and remember it
  • Credibility -- getting people to believe your idea
  • Emotional -- getting people to care about your idea
  • Stories -- getting people to act on your idea

Though we cannot copy the business world and all its gimics, we can, however, learn from the Heath brothers and strive to make our ideas stick!