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Advice on Reading Bible Stories to Children

Al Mohler has some good thoughts here for parents on maximizing their (school age) child's reading experience.  I'll post a few of his thoughts that I found especially helpful:

  • Read at a specific time set as part of the ritual of the child's life.
  • When reading a Bible story, help the child to find the actual text of the account in the pages of the Bible.
  • Recognize that many of the stories of the Bible teach a clear moral lesson -- a lesson that children clearly need to learn and take to heart. At the same time, recognize that these accounts are never merely morality tales. Point your child to the big picture.
  • Finally, teach them to pray the Scriptures, talking about the story just read and its biblical text as you pray. Pray that God will apply His Word to their hearts, thank God for His Word and for His love, remind them of Christ and His promises, and entrust them to God for the night and for eternity.

Read the rest of Mohler's thoughts here.

(HT: JT)