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My 2-year-old Illustrates the Folly of Sin

Guest Post by: Ben Reaoch Thanks, Doug, for this opportunity to participate in your blog while you're away. I thought I would share about a recent event in our family that turned out to be a poignant picture of biblical truth.

Over the years I’ve thought about different ways to describe the folly of sin, but I think this was one of the most vivid portrayals of it I’ve ever encountered.

Our family was recently at a cabin out in the middle of nowhere in West Virginia. We really enjoy this place because there’s no cell phone reception and no TVs or internet or anything like that, and we just hang out as a family and play games and go on hikes and enjoy being together.

We hadn’t been there long—Stacy and I were still unloading some things and the kids were playing outside—when our older kids (Milaina and Noah) found our 2-year-old (Annalyse) trying to eat a muddy stick. I don’t know what came over her to make her want to taste this thing, but apparently these kinds of things happen to 2-year-olds from time to time. Sure enough, she had dirt around her mouth, and Stacy and I brought her inside to clean her off.

Then it was time for her to sit on the potty, which is an exciting part of our lives right now. Many of you can identify. I think the fact that parents have to potty-train their children is part of the curse. While she was sitting there I said to Annalyse, “Why did you put that muddy stick in your mouth?” She said, in all seriousness, “I thought it would taste like candy.” I’m not even making this up. It was all I could do not to burst out laughing. But I said, “Did it taste like candy?” And with almost a surprised and perplexed look on her face, she said, “No?!” Then she told me, “And my brother was telling me, ‘No, don’t put that in your mouth.” So I told her, “That’s because your brother loves you and doesn’t want you to hurt yourself.”

When we were hiking later we talked about how that muddy stick is a lot like sin. We think it’s going to taste like candy, but we end up with dirt on our faces and a bad taste in our mouths. And when our brothers and sisters in Christ call out to us, “No, don’t do that,” we better listen, because they’re doing that out of love for us.