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My little kingdom

Do you struggle with where you're at in life?  Is it hard for you to be content?  If so, I can identify with you.  Oftentimes I can feel dissatisfied and wonder whether I'm making a difference.  Deep down I want to do something great but so often my dreams are more about me than God.  I am building my little kingdom instead of God's big kingdom.  And this is not what I was created for.

This summer, three books have challenged me to live for something greater than myself.  I commend them to you and trust they will impact you:

God has used each of these books to hammer home the point that true satisfaction in life is found in pursuing community with others to build God's kingdom.  It's doing life together; it's doing hard things together; and it's doing all that we do for the sake of the gospel (1 Cor. 9:23).  In this way, I can be freed from my little kingdom and all the anxieties wrapped up into my little life, and pursue God's big vision of expanding his kingdom throughout this world.