Never Let Go

530910643_68c3eab91d1.jpgI'm not sure how you're feeling today.  But I know that sometimes along this journey we call "life" we feel like we're all alone with nothing and no one to hold onto.  We feel like God has left us to ourselves and we wonder where He is.  We begin to doubt His goodness and draw inward.  We don't know what to do, but we know we should trust Him.  We know we need to hang on to Him no matter what happens.

My good friend, Dustin Shramek, likens this experience to falling off a cliff.  He says, "As we fall, we see one and only one tree that is growing out from the rock face.  So we grab hold of it and cling to it with all our might.  This tree is our holy God.  He alone keeps us from falling headfirst to our doom.  But what we didn't realize is that when we fell and grabbed the tree our arm actually became entangled in the branches, so that in reality, the tree is holding us.  We hold on to keep from falling, but what we don't realize is that we can't fall because the tree has us.  We are safe.  God, in his holiness, is keeping us and showing us mercy" (Suffering and the Sovereignty of God, p. 189).

God will never let us go.  His love upholds us and continues to pursue us always.  I'll end with a few lyrics from a song called "Never Let Go" by The David Crowder Band.

When clouds veil sun, and disaster comes

Oh my soul, Oh my soul

When waters rise, and hope takes flight

Oh my soul, Oh my soul, Oh my soul

Ever faithful, Ever true

You I know

You never let go

You never let go

You never let go

In joy and pain

In sun and rain

You're the same

Oh, You never let go