New Blog Gives Simple Devotions for Men

Are you looking for a simple way to encourage the men of your church to grow in God's Word?  Coming off of Father's Day, my pastor, Tony Rose, pointed the men of our church to his blog for a simple devotional process through the book of Hebrews.  For the next six weeks, he will provide a Scripture reading, a few comments, and some specific applications. Here's part of his first entry:

The mark of a real man is that he knows how badly he needs God.  Our God and Savior is; Creator, Sustainer and Redeemer. Now that is the God I want to walk with.  It is indeed a manly thing to say, “I need God”, when God is that kind of God!

A man who is humble and secure in Christ is secure enough to love.  Show your wife your love for her today by getting her a cup of coffee, tea or juice before you leave for work.  Pray a one minute prayer with her, kiss her and head off for work.  Yes, she may be shocked if she is not use to it but do it any way.  You and her will be blessed!

Tony's blog is called, Sound Mind and Soul.  His passion is to help people (especially pastors) find rest for their weary souls.  I encourage you to check out his blog and point other men to it for practical devotions and encouragement over the next six weeks.