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New Children's Books from Matthias Media

Over the Fence--cover The Rag Doll--cover

Over the Fence/The Rag Doll

These two delightfully illustrated storybooks teach important truths about God and are ideal for parents to read to children aged 3 to 6 (or for older children to read themselves). Parents may also benefit by seeing ways they can teach their children about God in day to day family life. (Notes for parents are included.)

Over the Fence teaches about the God who made us and who knows us. The Rag Doll focuses on how clever God is to make us—our hands, our feet, our eyes—and make us grow—so we can thank him. Written by Stephanie Carmichael and delightfully illustrated in watercolour by Jessica Green, the themes in these two books tie in closely to lessons found in the Teaching Little Ones children's syllabus (also written by Stephanie).

You can see inside the books and hear them read by the author at the product page in our online store (click on the books to go there now).

Book prices: AU $9.95 US $7.99