Not Your Typical Family Night

Last night was not your typical family night for the Wolters.  We started out on a simple walk together and ended up strolling into the cemetery.  Though it's not too far from our home, we've never walked through it together as a family.   As you can expect, our girls had lots of questions for us as we made our way through it. "Daddy, are the people still there underneath the big stones?"

"Why does everybody have to die?"  "Where do they go?"

"Are they in heaven now?"  "What will we look like in heaven?"

Good questions.  And we did our best to answer them in the most simple and biblical way.  It was a sobering experience, but it reminded me of why I love children.  They see life differently than we do.  They take it all in and accept it as it is.  Consequently, they can handle more than we think because they have more  capacity to trust in what they do not fully know.  "Faith like a child," as they say.

img_0734Yet Jaime and I were reminded of how many parents shield their children from the reality of death.  They assume that children can't handle it, and so they avoid ever talking about it.  And yet some of these same parents never bat an eye when it comes to exposing their children to mature, PG-13 type content in the secular media.   Perhaps, underneath it all, it's the parents who can't handle the reality of death.  And ironically, they could learn a thing or two from their children.  (Read more on this here ...)  And for a lesson on death and heaven go here.

As we made our way through the cemetery and on our way toward home, our girls quickly moved from questions of life and death, to "what kind of snack can we have before bed?"  Classic, huh?  For some reason, we all thought it would be fun to make S'mores!  So we ended this "not so typical family night" by cooking S'mores from the grill in our backyard wondering if we'd eat these things in heaven someday!