Nurture Shock: New Thinking About Children

NurtureShock_final[1]In the coming days and weeks I look forward to interacting with you over a new book on parenting called Nurture Shock.  The central premise of this book by Po Bronson (What Should I Do with My Life?) and Ashley Merryman, a Washington Post journalist, is that "many of modern society's strategies for nurturing children are in fact backfiring--because key twists in the science [of child development and behavior] have been overlooked."  My plan is to discuss one chapter a week looking at this book from a cultural and biblical perspective.  Here are the chapters:

1. The Inverse Power of Praise 2. The Lost Hour 3. Why White Parents Don't Talk About Race 4. Why Kids Lie 5. The Search for Intelligent Life in Kindergarten 6. The Sibling Effect 7. The Science of Teen Rebellion 8. Can Self-Control Be Taught? 9. Plays Well With Others 10. Why Hannah Talks and Alyssa Doesn't

Parents, I encourage you to check back over the next few weeks and interact with me over these provocative issues.  And, if you're able, pick up the book and read it for yourself.