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Online Book Discussion -- Ground Rules

521382_1_ftc_dp1.jpgI thought it might be good to lay some ground rules as we begin our book discussion.  First, you're invited to join us -- go here for more info.  Second, this is an experiment to promote involvement and interaction over a book that I think can influence the way we think about teaching.  With that in mind, here are a few "ground rules" to keep in mind as we walk through the book together and interact on this blog:

  • You're welcome to read the posts on this book, but only leave comments if you have actually read the chapter we're discussing
  • We'll "discuss" one chapter a week.  My encouragement for you is to read the chapter and interact with others on this blog as you chew on it for the week
  • If you disagree with either the author or someone's comment, practice discernment and humility in how you respond
  • Pray that as you read through this book, one chapter each week, that God would change you and others as a result of what you learn