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Oprah and Eckhart -- Oprah's Beliefs


Thabiti Anyabwile has some helpful thoughts as he ponders Oprah's set of beliefs:

Obviously, Oprah's online "school" is unhealthy stuff. It's cross-denying and therefore leads only to death and eternal woe. But I don't want to just beat up on Oprah.

One thing I'm thankful for from this video is that Oprah helps us preachers to think a bit more carefully about our audience. There are no doubt many in the pew who would find teaching about a jealous God repulsive, and yet they've not understood how God's jealousy for His own name is utterly unlike fallen human jealousy or how it is absolutely right that God infinte in every perfection be jealous for His name, that God's own zeal for His name is commendable in light of who God is.

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