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Are you organized?  Overall, I have some room to grow!  That's why I picked up the book, Organizing for Dummies, awhile back.  Let me just say that these for Dummies books are really helpful!  I also have the Training for Dummies book and it's a great resource for anyone who trains others in business, education, ministry, etc.  Anyway, the two big areas that I've tried to get more organized in are my desk at work and my garage at home.  Organzing for Dummies actually devotes a couple chapters to each of these areas.  Here are just a few helpful acronymns that relate to pretty much anything you're trying to organize.

W.A.S.T.E. -- To decide if something's worth keeping

W - Worthwhile? A - Again? S - Somewhere else? T - Toss? E - Entire?

R.E.M.O.V.E. - To clear off your desk

R - Reduce distractions E - Everyday use M - Move to preferred side O - Organize together V - View your time E - Empty the center

P.L.A.C.E. - Putting everything in its place

P - Purge L - Like with like A - Access C - Contain E - Evaluate

I would also highly recommend my friend Matt Perman's blog called, What's Best Next.  He is probably the most organized guy I know, and it seems his passion is to help you do things more efficiently in order to serve people more effectively.