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Our Connection and Mission to Cambodia

The following is a guest post by Tom DeZarn, a good friend and fellow member of LaGrange Baptist Church.  Tom is a humble man of God who has a burden for orphans and the people of Cambodia.  I asked him to write about his recent trip to Cambodia and how God blessed him.

clip_image002I was blessed to be able to visit Cambodia in July with the Talton family and a team from Springdale Church. The main purpose of our trip was to serve at RDI (, a company started by IMB missionaries sent out from Shively Baptist over 12 years ago. We also got to visit a very unique Children’s Hospital north of Phnom Penh, where a pair of Christian doctors sent out from Springdale serve the poor children in that area.

However, the highlight for me was probably a separate visit I made to the slums near a city dump. Nearby live hundreds of families who send their children to scavenge for garbage that can be resold. About 5 years ago the director of a Lexington-based adoption agency partnered with a church in Phnom Penh to begin a school for some of the poorest of the poor who live there and now serve nearly 130 kids with Christian instruction and loving care at the same time they receive their education.

Since adopting our youngest daughter from Cambodia 9 years ago God has put a burden on our hearts for the Cambodian people. Through the years we have supported various ministries there, but recently have decided to take a more active role in finding ministries that couple our passion for orphans with our connection to Cambodia.  We realize we have been greatly blessed in the US and with that comes an obligation to help our brothers and sisters around the world. We look forward to seeing what new doors God will open in the coming years.