Our New Ministry to Families -- "Seeds"

For quite some time now, my friend Lisle and I have been thinking about how we can form a better partnership between the church and the home so we can meet families where they’re at and point them to the gospel.  We pray God will use our new ministry to families called Seeds to help make that vision a reality.  The name comes from the Seeds Family Worship CD's that we have grown to love.  And our philosophy of ministry has been influenced by many over the years, including: David Michael with CDG, Reggie Joiner with Orange and 252 Basics, Steve Wright with ReThink, Randy Stinson with SBTS, Voddie Baucham with Family Driven Faith, and the folks at Covenant Life.  Below is our vision and strategy for Seeds.  Feel free to check out our website and if you're a member of LBC, pray about how God might want you to serve in this ministry.