Parents as Priests

This morning I stopped and meditated on Hebrews 5:2, which speaks of the role of the high priest and ultimately Christ himself:

"He (the high priest) can deal gently with the ignorant and wayward, since he himself is beset with weakness."

I was struck with the reality that I am called to be a priest to my children. I am called to pray and intercede for them. And I am called to deal gently with them, even though they may be ignorant and wayward. Why? Because I know that I myself am weak just like them.

When I get frustrated with my kids and their lack of maturity, I should remind myself that I am weak and immature too. When I can't seem to understand why they are so self-centered, I should remind myself of how often I focus on myself too. And when they purposefully rebel against me and my authority, I should remind myself that I have played the fool so many times and rebelled against my Father too.

The many sins and weaknesses I see in my kids should only serve to be a pointer to my own. And when I'm brought low to humbly admit that, I can run to Jesus who had no weaknesses and yet continues to sympathize with me in my own. What an amazing high priest we have who deals gently with us - even in our ignorance and waywardness! May we follow his example in our parenting.