Pastor, Be at Peace with Who You Are

Eugene Cho encourages pastors to come to peace with who they are instead of mimicking others and longing for "success." Although the audio is a bit rough, this video is worth the watch!

You don’t have to be “the most influential” in the nation. Just seek to be the most influential and loving pastor and leader to the church you’re called to. That will not likely get you on any special lists but you’ll serve your people well. You’ll be faithful to your flock and calling.

I also appreciate these words by Tony Rose (my senior pastor):

I have discovered that many of us pastors simply have too little faith in God’s ability to lead His church. This lack of faith is displayed in our continual practice of trying to do more than is humanly possible. At the root of our problem is our lack of faith and a bit of dissatisfaction with our selves. When we look at the ministries of others and wonder why we cannot do all our brother is doing we are essentially saying to God, “why didn’t you make me like him?”. Strangely, when we rest in the ability and desire God has to shepherd His own people, and we are content with our own limits, we will become effective pastors.