Patrick Lencioni and the Financial Crisis

Are you familiar with Patrick Lencioni?  He's written a number of well-respected books on leadership like, Death by Meeting and The Five Dsyfunctions of a Team.  The latter I wrote about in this post. He has a regular column that you can signup for here. In his last article he addressed the topic of leadership and the current financial crisis.  Do you agree with him?

The Financial Crisis In the midst of the financial crisis going on in America these days, there is a natural tendency to search for a villain we can blame and move on with a sense of tidiness and moral certitude. Unfortunately, I don’t think there is such a villain.

Sure, there’s more than likely a good number of people who made serious mistakes out of carelessness or greed, and they will need to be held accountable for that. But the real culprit here, in my opinion, has nothing to do with economics or regulations or finance. It is about the desire of leaders to avoid interpersonal discomfort.  (Read the rest)

(HT: Todd H)