Perfect Parenting? Dream On Parents!

Jerram Barrs has some great thoughts at the Resurgence Blog on the reality of parenting as fallen people in a fallen world.  He says, "Realism about ourselves and our children is essential as we undertake the task of being parents."  Listed below are the various points he brings out in seeking to raise our children as imperfect parents.  I especially appreciate his focus on the need for community and constructive engagement with the world.

  1. Building Conviction
  2. Encouraging Character
  3. The Need for Community
  4. Constructive Engagement with the World
  5. Educating our Children

Barrs also poses some questions for reflection.  Here are a few examples:

  1. Are there things that need to be changed in your marriage so that you will be an example to your children of love, respect, tenderness, and service to each other?
  2. If you are parents, regardless of what kind of schooling your children have, what efforts are you making to obey Deuteronomy 6:4–9?
  3. Are you modeling for young people and children being a “friend of sinners"? When did you last have unbelieving friends in your home for a meal together?