Piper's Mealtime Prayers

praying-hands1.jpgAs a parent, I want to instill the value of prayer into my children's lives.  So, throughout the day I try to intentionally pray with my girls so they learn that God is an ever-present help in time of need (and in times of joy!).  Along with spontaneous times of prayer, I also want to have regular times of prayer with my family around mealtime and bedtime.  Growing up, my parents taught me a couple prayers to pray during these times and I still remember them.  Of course, I always want prayer to be a genuine response of my heart to God, but I still think there is value in helping my children to "learn how to pray" much like Jesus gave his disciples a model prayer (Luke 11:12-4).  Someday soon, I hope to write my own prayers for mealtime and bedtime, but until then I found these prayers by John Piper to be encouraging. 

There are three longer ones (go here for them) used by his family for over 20 years, and all the children know the prayers by heart now so that they are able to say them together without reading.

Morning Meal

Lord Jesus, thank you for this day, And for the night of rest, And for this food, and for the way That we are always blessed.

Midday Meal

Lord Jesus, Thank you for these gifts And what each one displays; For your own steady love which lifts Our hearts in midday praise.

Evening Meal

Lord Jesus, come now to our meal, And bless to us this food; Where faith is weak, dear Lord, reveal That all you give is good.