Planting Seeds

Recently, Nancy Leigh DeMoss interviewed Bruce and Jodi Ware on the topic of talking to your children about God.  Here's one excerpt from the interview:

Nancy: I think anybody who’s a parent realizes that it’s easy to get consumed with the everyday demands and deadlines and details of life—getting them clothed and fed and to school and to play practice and to piano lessons and to sporting events. It's easy to get caught up in all of those things but to miss the most important aspect of parenting, and that is the shepherding of their souls.

Dr. Ware: That is so true, Nancy. I think it is such a tendency in our culture, not only with our children but in our own lives, to let secondary things take primary place. But they don’t belong there. So we need to keep first things first and keep second things where they belong, even if they’re good.

The most important things are for our own souls to grow in our relationship with God, to have a vital sense of what it means to be in His presence and learn from Him, and then to pass this on to our children. Not just, as it were, “habits” of spending time in the Word and knowing Him, but actually passing on the content, the vision of God that He grants to us as we grow—passing that on to our children.

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