Pray for Miley

Did you watch the Teen Choice Awards on Monday night?  Every year I try to watch some of it to see what it reveals about our youth culture today.  But usually I find myself having to turn it off before the show is over.  This year was no exception.  I watched for awhile until Miley Cyrus came on and looked like she was doing some kind of pole-dancing performance to her song, "Party in the USA."  That's enough to click off the T.V.  But what made me most angry and sad for Miley is how her actions are openly betraying her public belief in Jesus Christ. 

Last year, she was the emcee of the show and also took home a few awards.  After accepting one of them, Miley told the audience, “First, I want to thank the one man in my life, Jesus Christ,” (pointing up to the sky as she said it).  Interesting, huh?!

Many of you know that it hasn’t taken long for Miley to become a pop music icon among teens across the country.  Knowing the pitfalls of many girls who have entered superstardom at such a young age, Miley has promised to pursue a different path.  But people are watching and this is what they are saying about Miley and her recent performance.

"She already has this risque image, so it really wasn't much of a stretch," says Us magazine senior editor Ian Drew. "That's how Britney took off. She was the good girl gone bad, and it looks to be working for Miley as well."

It would be easy to condemn Miley, but let's pause and pray for her instead.  She is only 16, making millions of dollars, and influencing teens and tweens all over the world.