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Prayer Cards for Family Members

IMG_0051I've mentioned the book, A Praying Life, multiple times now.  Perhaps the greatest step of application for me is the idea of creating prayer cards for family members, friends, people who are suffering, non-Christians, etc. Here are Paul Miller's overall guidelines when creating a prayer card:

1. The card functions like a prayer snapshot of a person's life, so I use short phrases to describe what I want.

2. When praying, I usually don't linger over a card for more than a few seconds.  I just pick out one or two key areas and pray for them.

3. I put the Word to work by writing a Scripture verse on the card that expresses my desire for that particular person or situation.

4. The card doesn't change much. Maybe once a year I will add another line. These are just ongoing areas in a person's life that I am praying for.

5. I usually don't write down answers. They are obvious to me since I see the card almost every day.

6. I will sometimes date a prayer request by putting the month/year.