Preaching Influences

My friend, Jonathan, with some reflections on those who have influenced his preaching:

One thing I have learned is that I am none of these men, nor will I ever have such preaching stature, but that has not kept me from trying to learn how to preach the Scriptures better. Here are a few more things I have learned from them:

  • Tommy Nelson - explain the word of God clearly and push it into the crevices of life.
  • Haddon Robinson - organize your sermon around a central idea and restate it repeatedly and differently
  • Michael Quicke - cultivate communion with the Trinity during the sermon writing process, relying on the Spirit
  • Mark Driscoll - always ask “why or how do I/we resist the message?”
  • John Piper - preach the argument of Scripture, with God at the center, and bank on the promises of God.
  • Tim Keller - preach to the heart, not the will, and be culturally literate, always keeping the non-Christian in mind. Raise the problem of application and solve it with the solution of the gospel.