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Promoting the Gospel

pg1.jpgDo you ever feel like a failure when it comes to sharing the gospel?  Do you come away from conversations with unbelievers feeling as though you said the wrong thing or missed the perfect opportunity to make a bridge into their life?  In his book, Promoting the Gospel, John Dickson reminds us that the Christian mission of sharing the gospel is not just a verbal activity.  It's the whole of life for the cause of Christ. 

Perhaps the best-kept secret of Christian mission is that the Bible lists a whole range of activities that promote Christ to the world and draw others to him.  These include prayer, godly behavior, financial assistance, the public praise of God (in church) and, answering people's questions.  All of these are explicitly connected in the Bible with advancing the gospel and winning people to Christ.  They are all 'mission' activities and only a couple of them involve the lips at all.

Far from downplaying the need of speaking the gospel, Dickson merely highlights the fact that there is a broader category of promoting the gospel that brings together the body of Christ in its corporate mission to advance God's kingdom.  I strongly recommend this book as it encourages and equips the Christian community to involve all believers in promoting the gospel.