Relevant to what?

Brent Thomas has some interesting thoughts about being "relevant" with our culture:

I’m not so sure that the idea of trying to be “relevant” through popular culture is either effective or right. I look at music and culture, partly because I enjoy those things; that’s part of who I am. But at a deeper level, I want to understand better how to understand, communicate and apply the Gospel to the culture that I examine. It’s not enough to review the latest albums but a “up,” “down” or “neutral” arrow regarding its spiritual content. And this is where the idea of “relevant Christianity” simply breaks down for me. Miller remarks in his book Blue Like Jazz: “I think we have this need to be cool, that there is this undercurrent in society that says that some people are cool and some people aren’t.”

I worry that when many, otherwise well-intentioned believers talk about being “relevant,” they actually mean that they hope the world thinks that they’re cool.  (Read the rest here ...)