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Resources for Teachers

Before we get going with our Online Book Discussion this week (of which you're welcome to be part of), I thought I'd post a few helpful resources for teachers.  In my opinion, a teacher is anyone who teaches others.  I know.  That's profound.  But it's true.  So, if you have a ministry in which you are teaching and instructing others (from the pulpit to the preschool) here are some helpful resources to equip you to be a better teacher:

                      Plethora of resources by Dr. Hendricks including sermons and seminars 

                      A must-read for all teachers.  This really is a life-changing book

                     One of the most helpful resources to teach others how to study the Bible

                     Great for understanding how to structure your lessons for life change

                     Lots of articles on teaching and discipling others

                     Companion to the Seven Laws of the Teacher by Hendricks