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Rest for Restless Parents

Parents, especially young parents, aren't you tired of trying to get it all right?  Aren't you tired of trying to discipline your kids by the book?  Aren't you tired of trying to match up with other families?  Aren't you tired of trying to do A + B and never getting C?  Let's admit it.  There's only so much we can do.  God must do the rest.  So let's be faithful in what we can do.  Let's sow the seed of the gospel.  Let's teach it.  Let's live it.  And let's pray it for our kids.  And when the day is done, let's rest.  Let's rest well.

After all, that's the wonder of the gospel!  As John MacArthur says, "you sow the seed, you go to sleep, and it grows" (Mark 4:27).