Results from the 5K

img_0847I ran my first 5K this fourth of July.  Overall, it felt pretty good ... just a little pain on the last mile or so, but I finished.  It was fun to run it with my sister-in-law, Traci, and brother-in-law, Darrel.  Afterwards we found out where we finished in our age division (30-39). Traci - Gold Medal (1st in women ages 30-39) ... pretty impressive Traci!

Darrel - Silver Medal (2nd in men ages 30-39) ... only lost to a track coach

Me - Bronze Medal (3rd in men ages 30-39) ... not bad for my first 5K

My girls thought the bronze medal was pretty cool.  I guess it felt good as a dad to hand them my medal and let them wear it ... even though it was a bronze medal won from a little race in Buffalo Center, Iowa!  Oh well, you gotta start somewhere!