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Romancing Your Child's Heart

41YDKC8GPML[1]I've read a number of parenting books, but few that foster an intentional love relationship with my children that points them to Christ.  Romancing Your Child's Heart does just that and more.  For me, it's been a refreshing reminder that parenting is less about training and technique and more about relationship and romance.  It's about knowing my children, loving my children and wooing my children into the heart of God.  It's about entering into my child's world as Christ entered ours to communicate and connect with each one of them.  And it's about pursuing Christ more personally and passionately so that the day-to-day experience of my love for him would become a continual well-spring of love for my kids. If you're looking for a refreshing book on parenting, I encourage you to read Romancing Your Child's Heart this year.  You may not agree with everything the author says, but I walked away with the desire to follow his example by intentionally romancing my kids with the love of Christ.

Here's just a few of the application points I wrote down after I read the book: (more to come ...)

1. Intentionally cultivate a real and personal relationship with each of my children (i.e. daddy dates with my girls, playing ball with my boy, etc.).

2. Know each of my kids (really study them as individuals), love them, support them, encourage them and point them to the One they were made for.

3. Give my children freedom to fail and be received with love and grace (I've noticed how my children are so understanding and forgiving, reluctant to remember my sins when I mess up!)