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Scared of Being Led by the Spirit?

I've been challenged by Francis Chan's book, Forgotten GodTake this quote for example:

The Spirit is not a passive power that we can wield as we choose.  The Spirit is God, a Being who requires that we submit ourselves to be led by Him.  Do you really want to be led?  Even people who are natural leaders don't get to lead the Spirit.  Everyone is called to be led by Him.

I honestly believe most of us--while we say we want to be led by the Spirit--are actually scared of this reality.  I know I am.  What would it mean?  What if He asks you to give up something you're not ready to give up?  What if He leads you where you don't want to go?  What if He tells you to change jobs?  To move? Are you willing to surrender to Him, no matter where He wants to take you?