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Secret Confession of Sin on the Web

my-secret1.jpgAccording to a recent article by Lilian Kwon, "confessing anonymously on the Web has become a major outlet for both young and mature adults with DailyConfession being one of many web-based ways to get secrets or sins off their chest." "We all sin, but to know that another person knows your particular sin is pretty awkward. If the priest sees me on the street later, what's he going to think?" said Maria Carmel Vasquez, a business major at the University of the Incarnate Word international, according to Express-News.

The article goes on to say that's confessions speak of addiction to pornography, depression and adultery among other problems, but many of them end in a request for prayer.

According to Kwon, the popularity of the website and other confessional sites may be explained by a sense of community - mainly, a community of sinners.

"When they're able to see that there are other people that are dealing with some of the same challenges or some of the deep and dark secrets, we're able to see that even though it's done anonymously, it becomes a catalyst to realize they're not alone,” explained Bobby Gruenewald, pastor and innovation leader at – an evangelical multi-site church with an average weekly attendance of 18,000.

So, what do you think?  Obviously, there are many problems with this rationale of confession including why we confess our sins, who we confess them to, and how we do it.  But how can the church see into this "secret confessional web community" and make a bridge to the true gospel and true community?  

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